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  • Sarah Tucker

Letter from the Editor: A crazy month!

By: Sarah Tucker

Well, spring has finally made a timid arrival here in the Midwest. And with those warmer weathers, we are seeing more and more campers out and about. While I know many of you enjoy winter camping, I am a wimp and really enjoy my house in the cold winter months. The anticipation was high last week as I prepared the teardrop to go for an overnight with a couple girlfriends. Just pulling the camper up to the main driveway made me smile from ear to ear.

My teardrop is electric only so I do not have worry about dewinterizing any water systems. However, there are a few things that still need to be done for that first trip of the year. I had been pondering my storage in the galley all winter and finally figured out a few things that I think will streamline my packing and unpacking process each trip. As always before any trip, I checked the tires and lug-nuts and crawled under to make sure the floor still looks great. I also be sure to check all the lights and wiring for any breaks or chew marks as my trailer sits on a gravel pad in the middle of what used to be pasture land. The hitch gets a close looking over as well to be sure the chains and latch are in great shape. Every area that has weather-stripping gets opened to check for water damage and I run my hand over it to ensure it still has a great seal. Every seam on the roof, sidewalls and doors gets looked at closely to ensure it does not need new sealant and has stayed tight through the winter months. What are some things you do to open up your camper? Email me and we will create a master list to share with everyone!

This issue contains a couple great stories from readers just like you! Also included is the beginning of a new series of articles called "Anatomy of a Teardrop." I have been wanting to take a closer look at some of the aspects of teardrops or tiny campers and so I chose to start with the galley. The name of the series actually was inspired by some personal life experiences I'm going through right now. It's also the reason the magazine is coming out a few days late this month. Several days ago, my mom fell pretty ill and I have been at her bedside daily as she fights for her life. It's been intriguing to watch these medical professional use their years of experiences on very specific organs of the human body to help save her life. And so, we will do the same thing with the teardrop...although it is a much lighter subject...we will delve in and learn specifics about these tiny campers that we all love so much.

Do you have a great story you'd like to see featured in Cool Tears? We are constantly seeking great material so be sure to email with your story idea!

Until next time…enjoy every sunrise!

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