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CoolTears and Tiny Campers Magazine Lives On!

We were all saddened to see the post in January 2020 that said CoolTears and Tiny Campers Magazine was not being continued.  We need a publication devoted to the tiny campers that we all love, whether it’s a teardrop, square drop, home build, manufactured or something in between! 

Like many of you, I’m on lockdown due to the coronavirus.  But that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of what is coming later this year.   I have been coordinating with the previous editor of CoolTears and Tiny Campers Magazine to keep it going.  Sarah has done an outstanding job these last several years and I look forward to not only continuing her work, but also expanding the work.  

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Bob Byers
May 30, 2020

After becoming a recent owner of a teardrop, I was so happy to find your website and magazine! Looking through the back issues, it is obvious that Kevin and Sarah's previous efforts were a work of love. Best wishes Lisa on continuing this fun endeavor!


May 30, 2020

Take a look around at RV sales. I believe they are moving fast off the lots. People aren't going to fly, they are going to drive. They are going to go to the Grand Canyon and not the Galapagos. We are going to watch James Bond at the Drive-In movie. Things and times have changed. I am looking for a teardrop now.


Kathy Hansbrough
Apr 16, 2020

So glad to see that Cool Tears lives on. I just found it and love it. Can’t wait to see next issue with new Editor.


Kevin Cross
Apr 13, 2020

Great News for sure! So glad to hear it will live on! I was so glad to have Sarah take it over when I could no longer continue it, and now it begins another chapter. I trust that she is leaving it in good hands. So looking forward to it. :)


Apr 07, 2020

Finally, some good news. Looking forward to seeing the first issue.

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