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A Cup of Coffee

Thank you for your continued support over this past year as we continue to publish Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine, the only digital magazine dedicated to teardrops, squaredrops, other tiny campers, and the tiny camper lifestyle. This last year has been a blast as we continue to learn about software systems and website management, while juggling our full time jobs, a global pandemic, etc. What does a cup of coffee have to do with this? I'm glad you asked, please keep reading.

a cup of coffee at the campfire

The overall plan is to keep Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine a free publication and to generate more frequent content, but we want to offer our readers a way to give back to us if you feel compelled. We are launching our Patreon page this month. Patreon is a platform that helps to change the way that freelance work is valued, by letting our most passionate fans support our work via a small monthly contribution. Over 200k creators use Patreon as a way to help focus their time and energy for people that value their content the most. The added revenue stream means that creators can be more selective with brands and advertisers. Each week, we get new requests to review products or advertise in our magazine. Honestly, we don’t believe in all of those products, so we are constantly weeding out what makes sense to share with you. We don’t want to pump out content that isn’t meaningful for our tiny camper fans, but by doing so, we’re missing out on added revenue to keep the website/server up.

With that said, you can support us if you feel that we’re providing content that you appreciate. There are two tiers set up, one for $2/month and one for $5/month. You can think of it as buying me a cup of coffee each month to create your magazine. For a $5/month contribution, I’ll buy our Food Editor, Anne, a cup too! Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine does have some overall goals, which you will benefit from. When we reach $500/month in contributions, we will pick one of our patrons and highlight them in each issue - so each issue will feature a tiny camper fan! You can be highlighted even if you don’t own a teardrop or squaredrop yet. After all, you must have an interesting reason for reading the magazine and we’ll tell your story. This is a great way to help share your passion for the tiny camper community. When we reach $2500/month, we plan to move the magazine back to a monthly magazine, which means more tiny camper and tiny camper lifestyle news for you!

If you’d like to help defray our costs of publishing this magazine dedicated to you, please go to our Patreon page at and buy us a cup of coffee.

Thank you!


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