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  • Sarah Tucker

Anatomy of a Teardrop: The Teardrop Galley

- by Sarah Tucker -

While the most unique feature of a teardrop trailer is the shape, the most unique part of it would have to be the galley. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular in large rv's but the rear galley has long been a trademark of the teardrop trailer. While most teardrop trailer galleys are small, you can still fit a surprising amount of gear inside.

While not every teardrop boasts a galley, the majority of them do. There are so many different galley set ups as each manufacturer tends to put their own spin on them and of course, home builders can customize it to their likes and needs.

The galley in the Cool Tears teardrops is very narrow as I wanted to keep the bulkhead as spacious as possible due to the fact my husband is over 6 feet tall. Even with minimal space, my galley is one of the favorite parts of the camper. The space is cozy and so many memories have been made standing under the hatch.