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July/August 2021 ISSUE RELEASED

The July/August 2021 issue is here.

This is my 7th issue since taking over from the previous Editor. This last year has been a lot of fun even though we're still learning the ropes on running an on-line magazine/business and we're starting to dive deeper into social media - so be sure to like us on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel (I promise to do more videos in the future, which hopefully translates into better videos).

Each month we continue to build our subscriber base and I'm happy to say that we are gaining steam in Europe and Australia. In fact, the cover article for this issue is written by Richard Chapman, from the UK, who is building his own teardrop right now. I've been following his progress on Instagram and he graciously agreed to write up an article for us. Thank you Richard!

We're also sharing an article from Jenifer Madson where she details her first ever teardrop camping trip adventure and we have a summary of the Texas Tiny Trailer Rally from Lindsay Buerger from Princess Craft RV. Based on the photos and the article, it sounds like a must see event! Luckily, it is held twice per year - so check it out.

This issue also dives into brake controllers and highlights three popular models that many tiny campers have at their disposal. Check it out to find out which brake controller is right for you. The article also highlights a few reasons why having electric brakes on your trailer might be a good idea.

I also want to welcome TemboTusk as a new advertiser to the magazine and I look forward to trying out their skottle so we can write up a review for you in a future issue. Welcome TemboTusk!

If you know of any tiny camper enthusiasts, please be sure to tell them to subscribe so they don't miss any new issues.



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