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Sep/Oct 2022 issue is posted

The September/October 2022 issue is live on the website. So many people in the tiny camper community contributed to this issue. A huge thank you goes out to Kevin Lewis for sharing his Chesapeake Light Craft Teardrop Camper build with us; to Tom Raidna for researching and writing a great article on how to take care of our awnings; and to Emery, Jean-Pierre, and MWD Adventures for sharing data and details on what it's really like to tow a tiny camper with an EV.

As a reminder, we're working on producing videos on our YouTube channel. This is new for us and we're busy learning how to shoot and edit video while not trying to sound or look like robots! We are working on a series called, "Will it Skottle"? where we are experimenting with making different foods to find out if we can stop carrying our cookstove and our pots and pans, which would free up a ton of galley space. Let us know what you like us to try for a future video. Here's a link to our latest video, put a comment below the video on a food you want us to try

As a reminder, your entries for the 3rd annual photo contest are due to us no later than the end of September! Submit those photos to She normally replies pretty quickly that we received your entries, but there may be a delay over the next few weeks as we head out west.

Happy camping!


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