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  • Donna Urquhart

AFTER YOU BUY: 5 Simple Modifications for a T@G

-by Donna Urquhart

Our camper is so well designed that we have not needed much in the way of teardrop modification. Our mods were really just minor changes to increase comfort and functionality of the camper.

Heater Stand

This may not technically be considered a modification because everything is removable. We needed a heater for our winter trip out west; so we purchased a Honeywell HCE 100B Heat Bud Ceramic Heater. It has tip over protection, but we soon realized that we would need a stable surface for it to operate. A Facebook user had posted photos of a stand for a heater and my husband built one that was similar. The stand has proven to work very well.

The holes on the back panel enable the stand to rest very securely upon the door handles. There is a hole in the bottom panel for the cord to flow through to the electrical outlet. Lastly, there are two piano hinge to allow the stand to lay flat for easier storage in the cabinet when unused.

An added bonus, the stand works great for holding tablets that are being charged when there is no need for a heater.