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Teardrop Campers for Four

Teardrops, squaredrops, and other tiny campers come in different shapes and sizes. Most, by definition, are small and sleep two people. The question that many people ask is, do I have to give up the dream of having a teardrop if I have a growing family? You might be surprised with the answer.

There are many ways to accommodate larger families while camping in a teardrop trailer, but most options need someone to sleep outside of the trailer. Cool Tears recently covered a sleeping option if your tow vehicle is a pick up truck with cap or if the tow vehicle is a larger SUV. Click this link to read that article. Other people opt to use a roof top tent, or RTT. Using a RTT is a great option if the children are older and wouldn’t be afraid to be in their own space overnight. We met a family of four with two high school aged children this summer and the parents slept in the RTT while the two teenagers slept in the teardrop. Other families have used an awning room or tent attached to the teardrop to house the additional family members.

Silhouette of a family of four

But what do you do if you want all four people in the same tiny camper each night? While making your own teardrop trailer is definitely an option, we’ve done the research on each of the manufacturers in North America that offer a 4 person sleeping arrangement. We will continue to keep this article updated and on the website so you'll be able to search for it in the future. Stay tuned to an article in early 2022 where we will highlight the teardrop trailers that sleep three people.

Alphabetical list of teardrops or squaredrops that sleep four people

Bend Teardrop

First up is Bend Teardrop located in Bend, Oregon. This teardrop manufacturer has three main models of trailers to choose from but only the largest, “The Double Family” 6’ x 12’ teardrop, features sleeping for four or more people in a few different configurations. All Bend Teardrops come fully insulated, with a Max Fan roof vent, doors on each side with porch lights above the doors. These teardrops also have more features that you can add to suit your needs. The inside cabin of the Double Family teardrop is 10 feet long and fits a California King mattress (84” x 70.5”). This teardrop fits also features a full size bunk (70.5” x 54”) which is ideal for two to three kids. There is even enough room under the bunk for extra storage. There is a railing over the length of the bunk to help keep the kids in their sleep space. This is a great option and is one of the largest teardrop trailers on the market that can fit two adults and larger children. This model of Bend Teardrop starts around $14,000USD and then increases based on the options selected. This YouTube video shows the inside of the trailer.

Boreas Campers

The next company to offer sleeping for at least 4 people is Boreas Campers based near Denver, Colorado. The EOS-12 Hybrid model is an off-road capable squaredrop camping trailer which features a 12 foot long interior cabin. Instead of a rear galley like a traditional teardrop, the galley is along the side of the camper with the stove and sink sliding out near the rear of the trailer while the fridge slides out a few feet further to the front of the trailer. This hybrid trailer has a rear entry door, pop up top and opens into a roomy interior with 6’6” standing room and features a permanent queen bed at the front of the trailer. Towards the rear of the trailer, there is a dinette that seats 5 people that converts into a double bed (giving you sleeping for four adults). It is also possible to sleep a fifth if you add the fold down bunk option. An added bonus, inside the entry door, there is a wet bath with shower and cassette toilet, so no more late nights leaving the trailer to use the restroom. While these trailers seem like a great option to sleep 4 or 5 people in a small space, it does come with a hefty price tag. While these trailers offer the most standard features of most we’ve seen and is the heaviest at 3500lbs, the base model starts at $75,000USD and will increase based on the options selected.

Camp-Inn Trailers

Camp-Inn Trailers, based in Necedah, Wisconsin manufactures the 560 Ultra Raindrop whichsleeps four people.

Camp-Inn teardrop with bunk beds
Camp-Inn teardrop with bunk beds

While this is not a traditional teardrop, the Camp-Inn family calls it a Raindrop since it stretches the boundaries of a traditional teardrop. The front features an aerodynamic wrap with panoramic windows and a door on each side. When Airstream launched their Basecamp® model, I think they stole a page from this Camp-Inn trailer. From the doors back, it is a traditional teardrop.

Camp-Inn teardrop with couch set up

The front of the Raindrop has a built-in couch that can convert into two bunk beds that are 56” x 22.” The main sleep area is a queen sized bed. Since this is a more normal teardrop size, there should be no issues fitting this in your garage as the length of the trailer from bumper to hitch is under 14’. This pricing for this model starts around $23,000USD.

Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Teardrops, based in Boulder, Colorado has two models that sleep four people, the Mount Massive and the Summit Pinnacle. The Mount Massive is a fully insulated 5’ x 10.5’ teardrop that weighs less than 1500 lbs with standard features. This teardrop is made to be pulled by a Subaru Outback. This model features a queen sized bed and has two, five foot long bunks at the front of the teardrop. When not in sleeping mode, the trifold queen mattress folds up near the rear of the teardrop and the front bunks convert to a couch. There is seating for four when in this configuration and there is even a table that can be set up between the seats, which is great for a rainy day or game night. The Mount Massive starts at $28,000USD and there are many other options to choose from to customize the teardrop. The Summit Pinnacle trailer is roughly the same size as the Mount Massive and the interior configurations for sleeping or dinette mode are the same. The main difference between the models is their off-road capability. The Summit Pinnacle is off-road capable and includes a 3500lbs Timbren axle-less suspension. This model also comes standard with an articulating hitch which allows the trailer more range of motion than a standard ball and hitch. The Summit Pinnacle starts at $33,600USD before adding other options. Here is a link to a YouTube video showing the Mount Massive trailer.

The Escapade Camper Company

The Escapade Camper company in Hutchinson, Minnesota manufactures two squaredrop trailers and both will sleep four people. The Backcountry model is a 5.5’ x 10’ squaredrop that starts at $15,500USD. This fully featured trailer galley door swings open to one side instead of lifting like a traditional teardrop trailer. Escapade offers several different sleeping arrangements depending on user preference. The main sleeping area accommodates a queen size mattress and then you have the option of two bunks that run side to side or there is an option for a double wide folding bunk. This last option maintains your galley space and the people sleeping on the queen bed below will have their feet and part of their legs under the bunk. The MT-10 camper is similar in size but is more off-road ready and it includes some additional standard features, such as dimmable LED lighting controlled by interior switch or a phone app. This trailer only has one configuration to sleep four people and it’s the double wide folding bunk, which maintains the full galley. This model starts at $21,000USD.


The Helio 04 model, made by HÉLIO RV in Chemin Georges Lavaltrie, Québec will sleep two adults and two children comfortably. These are traditional teardrop shaped, but the galley is indoors, so you can stay dry and comfortable during inclement weather. This fully insulated trailer also includes a king size bed, full size door, electric brakes, large table and portable toilet. The table area will seat up to 5 people. The king size bed is the only bed in this trailer, so all four people would be sleeping in the same space. While this company is in Canada, there are several dealers throughout the United States and other parts of Canada that sell these lightweight, fully featured campers.

Taxa Outdoors

Taxa Outdoors is based in Houston, Texas. While these are not traditional teardrops, a few models do classify as tiny campers. The Cricket and Cricket Overland models offer sleeping for four people, provided two of the four weigh less than 130lbs and are less than five feet tall. Like some of the other squaredrop campers, these have a hybrid pop-top roof that adds interior space. It is rare to have standing room in a tiny camper and still have plenty of clearance in a standard garage. Unlike the other hybrid squaredrops mentioned in this article, the Cricket and Cricket Overland has an indoor galley, which includes a two burner stove, sink, and cooler or fridge space. The Cricket model starts at just under $31,000USD with the kids bunks included. Taxa Outdoors also makes a larger Mantis model, but that trailer is 19 feet long, which we no longer classify as a tiny camper. The Cricket, at fifteen feet long, is the max that we would consider a tiny camper.

TC Teardrops

TC Teardrops, a teardrop trailer company based in Wausau, Wisconsin has three models that can sleep up to four people. All three models allow for a queen bed and double bunk beds, if you choose the 5’ x 10’ trailer as your base model. For reference, TC Teardrops has standard trailer sizes of either four or five foot wide and then eight and nine foot lengths. The five foot wide trailers also come in a standard ten foot length. The three models that will accommodate four people are the Original Trailer, the Overland model and the ORE - Off-road Expedition model. The base price for the first two models is less than $10,000USD while the ORE starts at $11,300USD. Each trailer features doors and windows on each side. Each trailer also comes standard with interior cabin lights and galley lights. The Overland model adds trailer brakes, larger wheels and a few other features. The ORE model has more standard features and has a mind-blowing 20” of ground clearance, so no issues following your tow vehicle wherever you may want to camp.


The TetonX Hybrid camping trailer is a squaredrop with a pop-top which allows for over 6 feet of standing room. The company is based in Saint George, Utah. While this differs from the Boreas campers slightly, the interiors are similar with queen size beds, dinette space, and pop-tops. The TetonX Hybrid has a side door entry instead of the rear door entry of the Boreas. This trailer offers different bunk sizes ranging from 24” wide to 54” wide, which should accommodate two additional people. The base price for the TetonX Hybrid starts at just under $31,000USD

As mentioned above, these are the teardrops or tiny campers that we are aware of in North America that sleep at least four people. So if you’re longing for that teardrop and want to live the tiny camper lifestyle, you don’t need to give up the dream just because you have a family. You can safely keep all four members of your family safely tucked in the camper each night when it’s time for bed and there is no need to worry if someone will slip coming out of a roof top tent (RTT).

Cool Tears will keep this article updated as we learn about more companies that offer solutions for more people. Our criteria is a teardrop or squaredrop trailer that is less than 15 feet (ideally 12 feet or less) and easily towable by an SUV.


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