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  • Sarah Tucker

Letter from the Editor: The booming market

By: Sarah Tucker

We have mentioned several times in the pages of Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine that this tiny camper industry that we love so much is alive and well. And it's true. The RV world has taken notice which is now apparent to the general public as many of the national manufactures are scaling down. No, their companies aren't shrinking but they are starting to create trailer options for those of us seeking the tiny camping lifestyle.

There are currently, according to my best records, 58 teardrop or tiny camper manufactures across the US, Canada and in Great Britain. We have been blessed to share some of those manufacturers stories here in Cool Tears. It's been awesome to share the faces behind the companies and to let you know really experience what it's like to build teardrops for the public.

In 2018 alone, this market has exploded onto the public scene due to teardrops making their way into American commercials, movies and many more places. In this issue, you will find two more venues that will broadcast a larger net with info on teardrops.

The new DIY book will, in my opinion, allow many people who have a dream of building their own teardrop, the starting point to launch their own project. I've enjoyed a sneak peak of the book and am thoroughly impressed with both the detailed steps of building as well as the artwork provided.

While I haven't yet seen "The Teardrop Project" new video, I know enough of this project to be ensured of both it's quality and intriguing view of the teardrop industry. I will share the video on our social media sites as soon as it is released.

Do you have a great story you'd like to see featured in Cool Tears? We are constantly seeking great material so be sure to email with your story idea!

Until next time…enjoy every sunrise!


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