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  • Sarah Tucker

Letter from the Editor: Fall Camping Has Arrived

By: Sarah Tucker

All these things add up to make for one of my very favorite things: fall camping. But to enjoy this wonderful event to it's fullest, you will need to keep these few tips in mind.

1. Weather: When fall sets in, the weather generally fluctuates from great to rainy or cold. Always check the forecasts for your camp grounds ahead of time so that you will know what provisions to bring for your trip. Remember that warm weather can quickly turn quickly during this season. Depending on where you’re going you should be prepared for the chance of snow, rain and other severe weather.

2. Pick Your Campsite Carefully: Choose a sheltered spot in which you can set up your campsite, with the aim to create as much warmth as possible. Find a spot where you're likely to get some morning sun. You can create a 'wall' by hanging a tarp between trees to create shelter from the wind. Hang another tarp over your eating area in case of rain.

3. Layers: As for clothing, pack clothes that can be layered. Opt for water-resistant, breathable clothing in synthetic, fleece or wool, but avoid cotton. Remember to bring enough changes of clothing to keep you dry, as well as: rain pants and a poncho, sturdy, waterproof boots and extra shoes, sufficient dry socks, water and wind resistant jacket, wool or fleece sweaters for warmth, thermal underwear, at least two pairs of mittens or gloves and a winter cap for both daytime and sleeping.

4. Food: More than a pleasant way to start a chilly day, a steaming cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is a quick way to warm your core. We highly recommend plenty of tea bags and cocoa packets, but if java is your thing, forget the instant stuff. Presses and other accessories allow you to brew your favorite bean. After all, "roughing it" should be taken only so far.

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Until next time…enjoy every sunrise!


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