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  • Sarah Tucker

Letter from the Editor: Crossroads of America

By: Sarah Tucker

The winter polar vortex is in full swing here in the Midwest. In fact, we are currently on our 8th snow day from school and summer seems to be looming far in the distance. But the promise of warmer weather and camping season is still true. This year it is once again time for a huge gathering at McCormick's Creek State Park in Indiana as teardrop fans from all over gather at Crossroads of America.

Two years ago, I had the amazing opportunity of attending CRA with my husband. We were able to take a beautiful Silver Shadow teardrop from Missouri Teardrops and enjoyed the trip together. While the humidity and bugs were quite ridiculous, the friendships forged and memories made are some we will always cherish.

The Tearjerker organization does a wonderful job of putting on this event. They offer numerous mini classes, group breakfasts, dutch oven cook off, potluck dinners, and so much more. While none of the events are mandatory, I highly recommend joining in on the fun times.

McCormick's Creek is a beautiful campground with lots of shade. The bathrooms were tidy and well kept up. There is a beautiful creek just waiting to be explored. The campground is just a few short miles from a small town that holds so much of the "small town, America" charm.

So take it from me, go check out the Crossroads of America website and start planning your trip now!

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Until next time…enjoy every sunrise!


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