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  • Sarah Tucker

Letter from the Editor: Cherish every moment

By: Sarah Tucker

Those three words are so important. Never in my life have I meant it more than I do right now. As I mentioned in the April editorial, my mom fell ill in March and after fighting hard for 25 days, her body wore out and we lost her. The following days have been the hardest of my life as I have been overwhelmed with my helping my kids through their grief, taking care of the estate and holding down my regular job. In the midst of all that, I have missed my mom with every waking moment. She was only 62 years old and a vibrant, healthy woman, but as I'm coming to learn, it doesn't matter how old or sick, losing your mom is just hard.

My mom had a very deep, strong faith that she lived out daily for all to see. It's because of that faith that I am confident of her eternal rest. She loved her family. She told stories of car camping when she was a kid but was never a fan of it. While she loved gardening and was often found in our yard with her hands in the dirt, she was NOT a fan of eating or sleeping out of doors. And so we never camped when I was a kid. But when I showed an interest and then finally built my own teardrop, she was completely supportive. She helped figure out hard things when I was building it. She gave me fun pillows and decorations for it and let me talk about it whenever I wanted to.

I was actually camping the night she fell ill and have not been out since. But I plan to go for Mother's Day Weekend. She would want us to move on and get back out and enjoy camping. I would give about anything to have one more conversation, one more hug or even one more smile. So whether your parents or loved one lives far or near, take the time and connect with them. Tomorrow is not promised and every moment counts.

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Until next time…enjoy every sunrise!


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