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Copper-clad teardrop: a thing of beauty

by: Bob Phillips

You’ve seen many, many pictures of beautiful campers in these pages, but the copper-clad teardrop built by Ronald Sponselee is one of the most eye-catching beautiful teardrop that have appeared here. Ronald and his family, wife Nancy and daughter Amber, are residents of the Netherlands. They loved camping with their old Bedford camper named Betty, often spending weekends at a campground called The Lievelinge, which Ronald described as “a big campsite for modern hippies.”

The owners have built “magical and strange buildings” there, he said, as well as people who own their own sites.

On one of those weekends at Lievelinge, two girls set up camp next to them with a modern wooden teardrop that had been built by the father of one of the girls. Their camper intrigued Ronald and started him thinking about building his own.

“I loved it right away,” he said. “I started dreaming of building my own teardrop. I promised my daughter that I would build a teardrop so we could go to festivals.”

He purchased the frame of a fold-out camper and started with simple drawings. He wanted a real tear-shaped teardrop, one without straight lines.

“I asked Frenk, my building partner, to draw a perfect line together. It took us some hours but we succeeded,” he said. “On the internet I found a picture of a wooden steam-punk teardrop with a dragon back. I knew that’s what I wanted.