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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of personalized gifts and stocking stuffers for your teardrop and tiny camper family and friends. Just click on the blue underlined text and you’ll go right where you can order these for the tiny camper enthusiast in your life. Click any of the underlined links or pictures to take you right to the product.

The TearDropShop is an advertiser in CoolTears Magazine and they have many wonderful gift ideas geared towards the tiny camper in your life. They carry standard teardrop shaped items, as well as some specific shapes, including Little Guy Max, MyPod, T@B, and T@G brand campers. Please check out their website and find something that is perfect for you. They have decals, mugs, dish towels, birdhouses, garden flags, key chains, magnets, and much more. One of our favorite items is the Cork Coaster set. These extra thick round cork coasters are available in 17 different teardrop or squaredrop shapes so you can easily match it to your own tiny camper.

Looking for a stocking stuffer? These little pan scrapers are easy to hold, even when wet and they come in several different bright colors. These are dishwasher safe and are great for clearing your cutting board and your stainless, non-stick, cast iron, or glass pans. You can get packs of 1, 3, or 6. One scraper is currently $4.99 on, 3 are only $6.99, and 6 are $11.99.

Several years ago, my father-in-law bought the entire family their own 20 oz Yeti Rambler Tumbler with the mag slider lid for Christmas gifts. The next morning, the boys came downstairs and kept telling us that their new cups still had ice from the day before. Yes, all Yeti drinkware is that good. Your hot beverages will stay hot and your cold will stay cold. They work so well, that when I make my tea or coffee at home, I don’t heat the water to boiling - if I did, it would be 4+ hours before I would be able to drink it. They are made from stainless steel and feature a double wall vacuum insulation, so they don’t sweat. Because of the construction, they are perfect for tiny camper adventures in the backcountry or long days on the water.

If your budget allows, the Tundra hard coolers work great. We use the 35 Tundra as the freezer on our camping trips. It fits perfectly in our galley and anything we put in this cooler that is frozen will stay frozen for days, if packed well. These are bear-proof too, if you are camping in bear country and want to leave your cooler outside. You can use dry ice in these coolers if you want to keep items frozen for several days with no ice turning to water. Click here for Free Ground Shipping. Check out the September/October 2020 issue for bear safety tips.

Similar to the drinkware by Yeti, we like the Hydro Flask products because they offer more sizes, styles, and colors of drinkware. They have products specifically for coffee, beer, wine, food, etc. Like the Yeti,l they are made of double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel and they are backed by a lifetime warranty. They will keep the water icy cold on a hot sunny beach. Serve up a hot coffee or hot chocolate for that chairlift ride to the top of the mountain. Your tea or coffee will be hot on those chilly fall or spring mornings as you step out of your tiny camper into nature. We’re going to have some of the insulated food jars under the tree this year. Shhhhhh…don’t tell! It will be nice to go on a late morning hike with these in our packs so we can enjoy a hot lunch on the trail without taking along a tiny backpacker stove. Free Upgraded Shipping on Everything! Click this link and use offer code FASTSHIP20 in cart. Coupon Code: FASTSHIP20 This free shipping code expires December 30, 2020.

My dad was a fireman for 32 years. I remember having fire drills at home so we knew how to get out of the house safely. We also were taught basic first aid skills at a young age which I furthered when I became a lifeguard in my teens. Knowing what to do in an emergency is key, especially if you prefer to use your tiny camper in the backcountry. MyMedic has several different first-aid kits and then additional packs to add to your first aid kit. One that stands out for us is the Pet Medic kit which has everything you need to remedy the most common injuries to your pet, no matter how large or small. If you order by November 30, 2020 you can get 30% off SITEWIDE.

These lights by Camco are perfect for your tiny camper awning or campsite. The eight foot strand contains 10 lights and is UL approved for indoor and outdoor use. You will either need to be plugged into electric at the campground or have an inverter as these do require 120V to be used. The lights that are teardrop shaped are called the Retro Travel Trailer lights.

This table packs up small, which is perfect for tiny campers. The top of the table is just over 27 inches square and is 30 inches tall, making it perfect for having dinner or playing cards at the campsite. This ultra portable table also will work as a hydration station at your kids’ ball games or can be used to hold your camp stove. You can seat four people around this table for dinner, drinks, or games but do notice that due to the cross bar construction, you cannot put your legs under the table.

Cool Tears has opened up a storefront on There are items here to fit every budget and need on your shopping list. There are long and short sleeved t-shirts (for men, women, kids, and infants), sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs, fleece blankets, pillows, and stickers. Here are a few designs available now: our own “Live Tiny - Live Free” logo, “Teardroppin’ - Home is where you hitch it” design, and our #Socialdistancing” design, which features teardrops, squaredrops, and other tiny camper designs. Please note that these are printed on demand, so be sure to give yourself enough time to get that gift before Christmas.

We prove that you don’t need a big RV to get out and explore. Live Tiny - Live Free.

Do you want to show off your love of teardrops and other tiny campers? Then this 11” x 8.5” high gloss, wall calendar is for you. The limited run calendar is filled with 14 fantastic photos submitted by our readers as part of the first annual CoolTears photo contest. Only 150 calendars will be available this year, so place your orders as early as possible to ensure you don’t miss out. If these sell out in November, we will place another smaller order with our printer for December delivery, but we can’t guarantee that it will arrive to you by Christmas.

Click here to order your calendar. The calendars will begin shipping on November 25th. Place your order now so you don’t miss out!

*Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links. Cool Tears may make a small commission on the purchases above without adding any cost to you.

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