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The Road Goes On

- by Bud Stratford -

And The Road Goes On" started pretty humbly as a series of very elaborate, typeset and illustrated letters home to my friends and family about my many misadventures with my micro-camper, traveling all over the American Southwest. Later, I continued the theme for a series of skateboarding/camping articles for Concrete Wave Magazine and Everything Skateboarding.

"And The Road Goes On", the e-book, is a series of story collections based on the letters and articles, but expanded with more photos and illustrations, camping tips, and some of my favorite campfire recipes. The first two published volumes, Volume One and Volume Eight, are available now at Lulu (www.lulu.com); more collections will be published throughout the summer and into 2020, with eighteen more volumes on deck.

If you're into tiny travel trailers, skateboarding, snowboarding, urban exploration, or Roadside Americana, then these books might be right up your alley. They feature large format print (for easy reading), and lots of photos and hand-drawn illustrations. Questions, compliments, and criticisms can all be emailed to budstratford@aol.com. See y'all out on the road somewhere...!

Download entire book at


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