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8 Tips to Ensure a Great Time in a Teardrop

- by Contributing Writer -

With a little preparation, camping in a teardrop trailer can be a blast! We’ve had our teardrop for over 3 years now and have taken it on many, many adventures. Here are 8 things we’ve learned along the way to help ensure your next camping trip goes smoothly.

Editor's Note: Over the last year, Cool Tears has brought hundreds of camping tips thanks to the guys at Camp-Inn. Tiny Camper, Big Adventure blog had a whole other set of tips that were so great, we had to share them in Cool Tears as well.

Our family has always loved camping and we have been on countless camping trips over the years. However after a back injury made sleeping on the ground impossible, we knew we had to find an alternative if we wanted to continue camping as a family. In early 2015, we became the proud owners of a teardrop trailer. In the past few years, we’ve put a lot of miles on our camper and have had so many wonderful adventures. We’ve definitely picked up a lot of teardrop trailer camping tips on our outings. We thought we would share some things with you about camping with a teardrop trailer that we wish someone had told us when we bought ours.

Tip #1: Before camping in a teardrop trailer, practice backing up!

Before you take your teardrop camper on its inaugural trip, take it over to a large empty parking lot and practice backing up. Practice backing up a lot! Trust me on this one.

Kevin drove a delivery truck for years, so he is no stranger to maneuvering large vehicles, but he had trouble backing up our teardrop trailer at first. And to be honest, even after 3 years, he still has a bit of trouble backing it into our driveway when we get home. The shorter turn radius actually makes backing up a teardrop more difficult that backing up larger trailers.

On our first camping trip, it took a lot of tries to finally get the camper situated on the pad at our campsite. Not a lot of fun if you arrive at the campsite after dark!