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Teardrop Breakfast Taco

by: Marilyn McCray

In camp, we love to re-create our favorite breakfast treats. A popular part of Austin’s amazing local food scene, breakfast tacos were influenced by regional Tex-Mex culinary traditions, but they are much more than scrambled eggs, cheese and meat, wrapped up in a tortilla. One local source observed that the world of breakfast tacos is infinite. They are ubiquitous, sold everywhere from road-side stands, food trailers, grocery and convenience stores, coffee shops and high-end eateries. Every Austinite has a favorite breakfast taco. Corn or flour tortillas? One crucial question when making breakfast tacos. Corn came first. In 1519, Cortez noticed the Aztecs’ flat corn breads called “tlaxcalli.” The Spanish colonizers started making flour tortillas. The choice is an individual one. Some folks feel that the corn tortilla is likely to collapse with the moisture from the egg mixture, Others value the taste and support of the flour tortilla. Both are found in the breakfast taco scene in Texas. Here are some great options for Teardrop Breakfast Tacos. Consider shopping at an ethnic market for unique ingredients. Choose your favorite or experiment.

Serves 4

· 1 tablespoon of oil

· Eggs – two per person (Use a dash of milk or cream if preferred)

· Potatoes – boiled or hash brown-style, diced into ¼ inch cubes

· Onions, 1 clove garlic– diced

· Jalapeño pepper, chopped (optional)

· Meat – chorizo, bacon, green pork chili, barbecued brisket, diced into ¼ inch cubes and drained

· Tortillas – corn or flour – raw (one per taco)

· Cheese – Monterey Jack or cheddar – shredded

· Salsa – choose your favorite red or green, optional chili or a hot sauce like Tabasco or Cholula

· Avocado and Cilantro for garnish