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MoonWall for MoonShade awning Review

Is the combo of the MoonWall and MoonShade better than having a 180° awning with walls?

Last month, we released a video review of the MoonShade awning. Click here to watch that video.

We shared several things that we love about the awning and a few things that could be improved.

We just released a video review of the MoonWall, that pairs with the MoonShade awning. This one-two combo is pretty awesome and is reasonably priced compared to other products on the market. And if you've been thinking about buying an expensive 180° or 270° awning with side walls, you'll want to watch this video first.

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We have been challenged to make two different dishes on the skottle for our "Will it Skottle"?! series. We've been doing a bit of research on both dishes - so we will start shooting those videos in the coming weeks.

To purchase your own MoonShade and MoonWall combo, use coupon code "Cooltears" to get $30 off your order. Use link to access.

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