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Built for Adventure

Timberleaf Trailers has come a long way since it’s founder, Kevin Molick, built the very first teardrop over three years ago. His background in construction formed a strong foundation as he began building quality campers meant to be taken anywhere one could imagine. What began as a side business in the Denver, Co area has boomed into a high-demand manufacturing plant now located on the western slope of the Rockies in Grand Junction, CO. Molick moved his company over the mountains in an attempt to change his environment and was drawn to the outdoor lifestyle that the city of Grand Junction embraces.

Timberleaf teardrops are perfect for any outdoor enthusiasts that are searching for a way to have ‘just enough.’ Their trailers have all that you need without sacrificing any comforts. The hand-built trailers have uncompromising detail and craftsmanship.

The " Classic " model weighs in about 1500 lbs and the brand new PIKA model weighs in at 950 lbs. After months of planning Timberleaf created a smaller, lighter and less expensive model called the PIKA. It is named after the small rabbit like creature known to live in the Colorado high country. The PIKA is 54" x 96" and has a full size mattress, a smaller galley and no sink or stove option. Without side insulation, it doesnt keep the cabin as warm but also helps keep the weight down. It comes in all three suspension levels like the Classic - Street version, All-Road and Off-Road.

The Classic features a fully insulated cabin to keep the wind, heat, and cold at bay. They’re all built with steadfast aluminum siding and a clear anodized top and sides are available in a variety of colors to ensure that each trailer will be unique. Weighing 1400 pounds dry, with 140 pound tongue weight, this aerodynamic teardrop can be towed by the smallest of cars. This featherweight trailer tows like a dream.

No one ever said that off-grid had to mean freeze dried meals, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and uninteresting meals. Leave the uninteresting and bland camp meals at home, and cook to your hearts desire in a spacious galley, equipped with a sink, faucet, LED lighting, and with optional stove and custom-made cooler; you’ll be a backcountry chef in no time. Details like more than fifty stunning retro-inspired durable laminate counter top options, classic aluminum edging, and sliding bypass doors, mean that everything is in reach, and easy to clean.

In order to achieve the counter height and depth they hand-make custom coolers for every teardrop galley. The birch coolers have the same ice-retention as the leading cooler brands, but are made with custom dimensions to match the 100% baltic birch drawers. Each cooler features details rarely seen, such as genuine leather handles, beautifully finished birch, and dovetail joinery. This cooler is built to last and to impress all who encounter it.

Outfitted with one of the largest skylights in any teardrop, the cabins feel spacious and open. They build customized storage cubbies behind the headboard and an additional shelf for storage above. The gorgeous natural wood folding shelves on either side of the cabin are there when you want them, and stashed away when you don’t. In addition to all of this, they’ve created an array of cabinets above the footwell—so, you’ll have plenty of space to store all of your essentials. The fully insulated cabin has one-inch thick foam between two layers of birch plywood to keep the cold winter air at bay so you will be warm and cozy inside the spacious cabin. Finally, you’ll be more at home in your trailer than in your own bed with a custom-made Colorado Queen mattress. It’s the same length as a standard queen mattress, but made 3” narrower to fit perfectly into the teardrop cabin. It comes standard with a four-inch-thick dual-density foam mattress, but it’s available to upgrade to a six-inch-thick custom mattress.

Kevin says, “We build these because we believe that the road is rewarding—that adventure does not stay in only one location. We make these teardrops to open up new horizons, to allow you to bring comfort with you, and to help you make lifelong memories.”


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