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Can you smoke food on a skottle?

A little over a month ago, we set out to determine if we could leave our traditional camp stove at home and just cook on a skottle instead.

We're not completely sold on the idea yet, but as we explore different recipes and different cooking methods, then maybe we'll be converts. So far, we've made our favorite nighttime snack, popcorn; we made a cup of coffee, sort of; and now we just made smoked chicken wings.

The wings were the biggest challenge so far and we definitely made a few mistakes. Watch the video to the end so you learn from our mistakes.

Our next challenge is to try to bake something using the skottle. If you have something you'd like us to try, please comment in any of the videos linked below.

Remember, if you'd like to purchase your own skottle from TemboTusk at a 5% discount, use coupon code: CoolTears

SPOILER ALERT: They were delicious!

Here are the links to the other videos in this series.


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