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-by Darius Riley

We bought our T@G in May of 2017. We love the it and have had no issues other than design flaws (minor) or desires for modifications. No mechanicals, no breakage, no premature wear. All in all a well built camper. It has taken us a while to get our camping system down. How much stuff to bring, what we need and don't need, how to set up and tear down. We have gotten to be pretty efficient and a good team, which really helps us enjoy the camper. In 2017, we took 7 trips that lasted 14 nights and covered 2,500 miles. In 2018, we took 11 trips that lasted 23 nights and covered 4,700 miles.


1. Built fender shelves

2. Built a shelf and a pull out cutting board for the fridge area (ordered originally without fridge, stove or sink)

3. Metal backsplash for magnets

4. Two Yakima SlimShaddy awnings

5. Vent cover over the Fantastic Fan

6. Built shelf under sink location

7. LED lights under the camper

8. Velcro mesh nets inside on the doors

Not pictured:12v outlet outside for the external fridge (Dometic)