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Scenic Journeys: Unveiling the Winners of the Cool Tears 2024 Calendar

As dawn breaks, the first rays of light spill across the verdant valleys of Colorado, illuminating a solitary tiny trailer nestled among the towering pines. This serene scene is among many that have graced our inbox during the latest Cool Tears Photo Competition. From handcrafted teardrops and squaredrops, to sleek manufactured tiny campers, your entries have taken us on a pictorial voyage across the globe, showcasing the allure of compact camping against some of the most magnificent backdrops nature offers.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who has contributed to this visual feast. Your photographs are more than just pixels on a screen; they are windows into the soul of the tiny camper community, capturing the essence of simplicity and the infinite allure of nature. Your enthusiasm for these cozy travel companions has transformed this competition into a heartfelt homage to the art of compact travel.

A round of applause for our victors! Your submissions captivated us with their artful angles, the raw beauty of your chosen locales, and the narratives they spun, encapsulating the essence of adventure that tiny trailers embody. From the rugged terrains of New Zealand to the azure coasts of the Mediterranean, from the lush rainforests of Central America to the sprawling deserts of the American Southwest, each photograph narrates its tale of discovery and the pleasures of life on the road.

We are excited to reveal that the champion images will be featured in our exclusive 2024 Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Calendar, now up for grabs. Each month unfurls a new landscape, a fresh perspective, inviting you to journey through the year with a sense of wonder and anticipation for the paths you have yet to tread.

This calendar is a collage of our community's heartbeat, echoing the shared desire to roam freely. When you secure a copy for yourself, you're not just acquiring a collection of images of adventurers, storytellers, and dreamers. Your support is the cornerstone of the ongoing tales and competitions that bind our community.

Seize your copy of this collector's item and let each day count down your next grand escapade. Perhaps the next snapshot we celebrate will bear your name.

Here's to the roads less traveled, the snapshots that capture them, and the community that cherishes them.

A toast to our champions: Jerry Clark, Aleksander and Marina Kitsen, Anthony McAvoy (AUS), Guido and Andrea Scheidler (Europe), Shirley Reynolds, Mikola Lee (AUS), John Chico, Jim and Barbara Steffens, Sam Van Fleet, Ricardo Ospina (Columbia, South America), Kat McConnell, Pamela Becker (Canada), Jim and Selma Bennett, and Tony Latham. Your visions have truly inspired us.

The 2024 Cool Tears Calendar is now available for pre-order. As always, the winners will receive a free calendar.


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