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The History of Teardrops: In the Magazines

Editor's note: This is the second installment of a series on the history of teardrops. The first article on Bill Worman can be read here.

Having been raised by a father in the newspaper world and now myself being in the print industry; old magazines have always been an area of fascination for me. In the late '30's and early 40's when teardrops were in their infancy stage a few magazines ran some now infamous articles.

Building a Teardrop Sleeper Trailer

by CM George

In the December 1936 issue of Mechanics and Handicrafts, this article ran and seems to be the oldest known written artifact about teardrop trailers. It includes very little on the background of the units but does have step by step instructions for building one. I personally loved the first photo of the movie star entering her trailer. The author posted a material list and cost analysis at the end of the article that will make anyone building in today's society smile...or maybe grimace. And thus...the birth of the DIY teardrop trailer plans.

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