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Crowdfunding & Eclipse Notes

So it's 2017...when I was a kid I was pretty sure by the time 2020 hit we would be living in a Jetson's type world. And while we do have some pretty cool technology, I'm still waiting for my hover plane and robot. One cool thing that technology has brought is the ability to connect with each other instantly and to be very creative in the business world. For example: crowdfunding. According to Wikipedia (and if it's on Wiki it must be true, right?) crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and of alternative finance. In 2015, it was estimated that worldwide over US$34 billion was raised this way.

I have received notes from a few teardrop companies that have decided to utilize crowdfunding to launch their businesses and felt them worthy of passing along to our wonderful readers.

First up is the DROPLET.

As per their website: Inspired by teardrop trailers, DROPLET is a modern camping pod.It features a comfortable Queen size bed, fully equipped kitchen within a bright modern insulated shell. And it only weighs 950lbs!

I was impressed with their Instagram page and loved reading on the website about how they are building a community of renters/buyers. Their focus on eco-friendly, sustainability and use of modern technology is incredible. While they are already renting out the initial unit, a prototype is in progress. Pascal Pillon, the creator, tells me they are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign Winter 2017, with a large Droplet production to begin shortly after investment goals are reached. They estimate final trailer deliveries for Spring 2018.

Shoot Pascal an email if you would like more info on the Droplet!


Next up is Birch Sprig

The Birch SPRIG is an ultralight Teardrop Camper kit. Jed (creator) and his product were selected by Kickstarter as a "Project we Love" and I can see why their unit has gained attention. Although, it appears to be a basic unit, I love that they are offering numerous options and they say more upgrades/accessories are in the works.

Jed says, "We're building our kits as a platform that can be built by a novice DIYer with plenty of options for a more experienced builder to customize. -We are encouraging our builders to share their builds and modifications on our forum in order to create a close knit community and spark creativity."

The kit includes 51 precision cut wood pieces, windows, screens, seals, and hardware required to assemble the camper. Along with all the material, you would also receive a manual, support of a forum and step by step videos.

They are planning a build party ... this sounds fun to me even though I'm building my own hmmm road trip to Philly?!?!? ... when you pick up your kit so you can watch first hand how a camper goes together.

Interested? Check out their website


Last but certainly not least...let's talk ECLIPSE CAMPING!!!!

It appears the whole country has gone eclipse mad! My social media went bonkers a few days ago with people trying to find those little eclipse glasses. Here in KC we are very close to the line of totality and I have plans to head north about an hour to experience in all it's glory.

Are you camping for the big event? I know of several large teardrop groups getting together for the eclipse and if you are involved in one of those gatherings PLEASE EMAIL ME PICS!!! I hope to do a story on it in the September issue of Cool Tears!

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