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  • Sarah Tucker

A dotted tear & 4th of July Sale

How cute is this little teardrop? This past week Dave & Georgia Roswell of the RawHide Studio sent me an email with this picture. So I did a little research and found out they are original rawhide artists out West. What exactly is a rawhide artist? I SAID THE SAME THING! Turns out they create some seriously cool pieces of jewelry like this awesome cuff (which was my very favorite thing on their site!)

But, that teardrop caught my eye. They are going to tow her to a few festivals and use a pop-up shop. So if you live (or are traveling) out West this summer be sure to check out Dotty at the Elevation Celebration on July 2nd or at the Laramie Pop-Up Artwalk September 8th and 9th.

So this got my mind moving and I started to wonder just how many people out there have found fun and creative ways to use their teardrops for work! Obviously, the Cool Tears teardrop (the build is CREEPING along) will be used as partial work as we tow it all across the country and I have seen several photographers using their tears for props but there must be more out there right? Do you use your teardrop for work and play? Show us! Send me an email and watch for your tear to be published in an article all about working teardrops in the next issue of Cool Tears!!!


Today starts one of our largest sales of the year!

15% OFF

the ENTIRE Cool Tears Shop!

Enter code July4 at checkout for discount.

Good today through July 4, 2017.

Please allow a few extra days on delivery due to large volume of sales.

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