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  • Sarah Tucker

An interesting twist on A/C

I love surfing all the teardrop Facebook pages for ideas and just to see what other teardrop lovers are up to. This past week I ran across a post by Brian Baker on his take of retrofitting a window a/c unit for his teardrop. I sent him a message asking for some more details and this was what I received:

"I basically went to Menards and picked up the smallest window unit they had. I purchased the type with the 2 knobs, I didn't want a digital control for fear of water damaging the electronic boards. I purchased 10' sewer hose, 4 connections, two caps, and 2 flat register vent covers(for the inside of camper). I already had a piece of 3/8" plywood and some 1x4 scrap wood at the house. You'll also need some aluminum foil tape, foam tape (one side sticky). I should add that I purchased a lot of the sewer connection last season on clearance.

Quick direrctions-I cut a piece of plywood the same size as the outer edge of the a/c unit. I cut down the 1x4 to frame around the outer edge of plywood and test fitted it against the face of a/c unit. I left the a/c unit complete, my original thought was removing the front face (grill) but found leaving it easier. So at this point the outer edge of plywood is setting against a 1x4 cut to about about 2" all the way around. Now take measurement between your top and bottom grills, distance around your switches. Cut these boards to fit, but rip the 1×2 down to about 1x1-3/4". This will allow the outside edge to create a small lip around the outside a little. Attached the 1x2" with glue and brad nails. With some patients cut a couple 3" holes to slip your couplers into, you'll need to trim the back of couplers to flush with the 3/8" plywood.

After test fitting again, (more test fitting the better, as it's easier to correct a mistake as you go. Glue and screw your black couplers to the edge of plywood. Use the sticky foam to create a seal between the wood and face of the a/c unit. Tape foil tape all around the outside to hold everything together. Drill a couple 3" holes in your trailer. Try not hitting any spars or electrical wires that are hidden or you just created a bad day for repairs. I built my trailer, so I knew where everything was at between my walls. You could use a cheap stud finder/electrical detector if you're not for sure. Slip in your couplers with sealant and screw them in place. (I installed mine right above a spar so I could attach it to something.) This did work for us ok. It was 88° outside and felt like a car in the sunlight on the inside. It blew a quiet cool air on me and pulled air on my wife's side (she's always cold) back to the a/c unit. I had it set for 68-70°. I slept like a baby with a hum above my head."


So I live in the Midwest and it's HOT and HUMID here which has me thinking more and more about what type of a/c unit I'm going to put in my own teardrop build. This unit conversion has me intrigued as it follows the Climate Right ideals. I am still researching and doing some figuring on what will work best but this is top of my list at the moment.

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