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  • Sarah Tucker

Tidbits on building

I am working hard to publish the June issue of Cool Tears so not a lot of extra time. It's going to be a GREAT issue with lots of informative stories, recipes, stunning pics, etc...so stay tuned!

In the mean time...I have been following for a while now a great YouTube feed and thought it time to share with you guys. Zach Manring - also known as @_SouthernGinger - is a woodworker down south who posts some helpful videos from his workshop. I began to take notice last year when Zach decided to build a teardrop camper.

He took a foldable Harbor Freight 4x8, tore it down and welded it back together. One thing I have enjoyed is the level a craftsmanship Zach shows each step of the way. Not only have I learned a lot of what to do in my own build, but I've also enjoyed watching each updated video posts of his build.

He is almost complete and just recently added this video about fenders, but you can go back and watch all 16 of his videos here!

I certainly followed this saying over the start of this teardrop build of mine. During the past holiday weekend, we came to realize that old trailer of my Dad's just didn't work for the teardrop build. The time and money we would have sunk into it, did not justify the end result needed. So we