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  • Sarah Tucker

The beginning of a new adventure

What does it mean to build a teardrop? For several years, I have read, edited and even written numerous teardrop build stories and with each one my interest increases. From the planning, plotting and even problem solving, it is awesome to see a builder start with what seems like nothing and end up with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Have I seen a few that have made me cringe? Yep. But you know what, those inspire me as well.

For the past two months I have been doing my own planning and plotting. I researched ideas on sizing, towing capacities, styles, kits and all sorts of details. Many times in those late night searches, I would find myself wandering down all sorts of "rabbit trails" that would result in even more ideas.

And so, with much excitement and even more trepidation, I have decided to build a Cool Tears teardrop!

I am building a teardrop from a kit supplied by Big Woody Teardrops. Jennifer Robinson has been a huge supporter of Cool Tears for years now and has graciously helped answer questions and inquiries about the build. You will hear more about the Big Woody kit as the process continues but I'll say this for now...if you're thinking about a build be sure to check out the Big Woody site to see what they have to offer.

I plan to start my build with the renovation of an old utility trailer that belonged to my daddy. My daddy was my hero, my rock and the man I miss more than any other person. Just over four years ago, he battled Hep C and was taken from this world quickly and way too early. He was 60. He worked hard his entire life to provide an amazing life for our family. He taught me how to throw the perfect spiral football pass (which might have been why my husband decided to marry me), he taught me to love others before myself, he taught me to be strong even when I felt weak and he taught me to enjoy building things with my hands. I miss him.

So I'm taking this little homebuilt trailer and making it the base of my first teardrop. It will get new tires, a new front end, new lights, new paint and the sides extended to support a 5 foot wide camper.

Work starts today.

This will be a real and honest build. My hope is to show what it takes to create a teardrop from the ground up with the tools found in a home work shop. Will it be perfect...NO! Will it always be easy...I'm guessing no. Will it be fun...YES!!!!!

My goal is to have the outside complete and weather-proof by the time winter hits. I would love to be able to bring to the gathering we are having in October but time will tell how the project goes.

Stay tuned for brief weekly updates on the blog and our social media sites. And please feel free to send me any helpful tips and remarks...just remember this is my first time and I'm certainly not a professional.

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