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  • Sarah Tucker

Camping with Animals

So we have cats.


Owning a few acres that sits directly next to a field and a cow pasture means we have cats.

When we first moved in I took a free MALE kitten and then a little less than a year later HE gave birth to 7 kittens on my kitchen floor. Needless to say we have lots of cats (and I have learned how to tell the difference in male a female.)

They have a job on our land.

Thankfully they don't show us too often how successful they are because I just don't need to see dead prizes.

So I got off topic...camping with animals!

A few weeks back I posted a pic of our sweet new puppy (read: crazy, hyper, over-friendly) and asked for camping tips when camping with your favorite four-legged friends.

And I received some wonderful advice and even better than that, several readers posted pics of their dogs. LOVED THAT!!!

Here are a few ideas shared:

- Extra blankets

- Jug of home-town water

- Large outdoor mat

- Cheap zip top baggies turned wrong side out

- Tie out cable

- Bully stick

Loved these ideas and we are thrilled to be taking our little pup camping soon!


Dad & Son go camping,

come home with family of cats

Michael Shinkle and his son love to camp in a secluded little spot but on their last trip they found out they aren't the only ones to love that area. When they arrived at their camping spot, they discovered a skinny cat. The son immediately began to befriend the sweet cat, and Shinkle had a feeling the cat would be coming home with them once the camping trip was done.

Soon it was time for bed, but Shinkle wasn't asleep very long before he heard some noise outside the tent. He got up to investigate, shined his phone light around — and was greeted by eight pairs of eyes staring back at him. As it turned out, their new cat friend was actually a mom to three little kittens.

Since he had already decided he was taking the stray cat home with him, Shinkle and his son left their camping trip with four new family members in tow. decided to adopt all four cats, and are so happy they could give them the loving home they deserve.

If this father and son hadn't decided to go camping that weekend, the mama cat and her kittens might not have made it.

Now they've found their forever family all together, and are loving every moment of their new life.

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