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  • Sarah Tucker

Time for inspiration

I've said this before but as the editor of Cool Tears, I receive some amazing notes from readers across the globe. Each one is read and pondered; some, though, move me so much that I take a few minutes to ponder the life I've been given. One such email was received in 2016 and I was so thrilled when the writer sent more this week. Kendell Duncan has already been an inspiration to me and I know he will be to you as well.

Be sure to watch the next issue of Cool Tears for Kendell's entire story and photos.


The Wyoming Woody Teardrop Trailer

Inspiration comes to many but the knowledge and wherewithal to execute those inspired dreams sometimes is lacking.

Ryan Norwood spent 1 year of thinking, 6 months of designing, 7 months of construction and the result was the Wyoming Woody Teardrop Trailer. He has a website dedicated to this build and several others.

His site is impressive and very fun to read. It was created to document his own build and organize the 1500+ pictures and plans so that they can help other builders down the road. On the site you can find a Build Journel, Wyoming Woody Teardrop plans, 3D models, and links to builder resources and parts manufactures. The build journal on this website has been designed to be a step-by-step guide to document my teardrop build process.

Whether you are just curious about teardrop trailers, planning your own build and looking for ideas, or you want to get a better idea on how to go about a specific part of your current build, there should be plenty of info here to keep you busy.

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