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Once again this year the great folks from the Tearjerker’s groups are planning a huge blowout gathering in July. While bummed that we cannot attended this year (next year we will for sure be in attendance), we are sending a box of swag!

From the hosts, “With expectations of a record shattering attendance, we have already identified and confirmed over 100 trailers (nearly 190 campers) that have registered for the 3rd of the series of CRA – Tearjerker Gatherings. CRA 2017 will be held at its usual location in Southern Indiana at the McCormick’s Creek State Park (Spencer, Indiana). Special events including the traditional “builder’s seminar” as well as “Corn Hole” games. All of the information you need to know is shown on the web site including camping reservations links, maps and attendees from around North America at http://cra2017.weebly.com/

Come and join us in July 2017 and help us make more memories of a great event.”

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the entire teardrop social media world fell in love with a photographer from Texas. Mandy Lea was prepping to start a solo journey with her cute little teardrop when her world came crashing down - her teardrop was stolen. As teardrop groups across the globe shared her post pleading for help, local media caught on and Mandy was interviewed several times. Insurance stepped in and she was able to replace the original camper for a new one and she was off!

It's been fun following her journey via her blog and her YouTube page. This week she announced it's time for an upgrade to a T@B Outback. We are thrilled she is staying out on the road and sharing her adventures with us. Mandy is auctioning off her T@B on eBay so check it out if you're in the market for a super cute teardrop.

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