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HOW TO: Protect my teardrop or tiny camper from being stolen

EDITOR'S NOTE: Over the past few months in the online communities, people have asked questions about how to keep their teardrop from being stolen. While no method is foolproof, there are some steps you can take to help protect your investment. Below are a few of those ideas. This is an article from Cool Tears in 2015. Based on the conversations in the online communities, I felt it timely to share again. Remember, spending a little time and money on safety NOW can go a long way in avoiding heartache in the future.

“Thieves respect property.

They merely wish the property to become their property

that they may more perfectly respect it.”

- Gilbert Chesterton

Losing your trailer to a thief is not only painfully disheartening but a major inconvenience as you have to file a police report, deal with your insurance company (assuming you have insurance), find lodging if it happened while camping, replace the trailer and all your gear. If your trailer was hand-made, you have a lot of labor and hard effort put into the build process so it not easily replaced. The entire process can be emotionally overwhelming.

Now, there is no full proof security solution and a determined thief will find a way to defeat even the best lock. Therefore, locks are deterrents. The more difficult the lock, the better the deterrent. There are a lot of different security solutions out there that range in price from $20.00 to over $300.00. So, in this post I thought I would share an overview on how I am securing my trailer from would be thieves. You can find more detailed info on my solution including videos on my blog at www.cre8tiveapps.blogspot.com.

After spending great deal of time reading reviews, pouring over websites, looking at specs and watching videos, I found that there are generally two types of locks or ways to secure trailers, coupler (aka hitch) locks and wheel locks (aka the Denver Boot). Each has advantages over the other and their own drawbacks. So, let’s take a look at a couple of locks that can help secure your trailer.

Coupler Locks –Coupler locks work by securing the hitch or coupler on your trailer so that thieves cannot hook up your trailer to their vehicle and drive off. However, after watching a number of videos on YouTube, it became apparent that a LOT of the mainstream coupler locks were not much of