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  • Sarah Tucker

Build classes and the Outbound Adventure

In the March/April 2016 issue of Cool Tears, we ran a feature story on the Chesapeake Light Craft Companies version of a teardrop camper. This boat company is well known on the east coast for their quality of kits and plans for wooden boats. They took their knowledge and skills from crafting boats and focused it on a teardrop. While nothing is perfect, it is my opinion they hit it out of the park on their build. I was not the only one with that opinion as many people flocked to their website for more info.

They successfully offered a build class for the teardrop. So successful they are now offering a second build class. If you have a few weeks to spare and are looking to build a high quality, gorgeous woody with the hands on help of some great guys...well this is the class for you! Be sure to check out the video they created for the class.​


SylvanSport is the US-based manufacturer of the award-winning GO Camping Trailer and the revolutionary ‘GO Easy’ Adventure Trailer. These little pop-up style campers are the ultimate in compact, rugged trailers. I met these guys last September at the Elkart Open House. While certainly not a teardrop, I was impressed with the quality in their build and the versatility for all styles of camping. SylvanSport was founded in 2004 in Brevard, NC, for one reason: to make outdoor adventure accessible. What started as an idea to create the most innovative pop-up camper has evolved into a line of the best designed camping and gear trailers ever made.Wherever you want to go, whoever you want to go with, and whatever you want to bring, they want to make it happen.

SylvanSport has partnered with several other high profile companies to sponsor Outbound!

Two members of the media group, Dylan Schmitz and Marty Gallipeau, are on a road trip across the United States, exploring new fishing waters and finding new adventures. Outbound: A Cross Country Adventure is a real-time series documenting a 2 month road trip across the entire country.

“Somehow we've managed to convince BASS Pro Shops and all these great companies that this was a good idea, so we've teamed up and they'll be supplying us with the fishing and camping gear we’ll need for all the different areas. They did have one stipulation however…we have to stop at every BASS Pro store in the country. (There’s 76) Fair enough...” says Schmitz.

Along with contributions from BASS Pro and the other outdoor gear companies, SylvanSport is providing the team with their award winning GO Mobile Adventure Gear Camping Trailer.

To follow the ‘Outbound: A Cross Country Adventure’ tour and see where the GO will take them, check out BASS Pro: Outbound Tour Website.

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