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May/June Issue is Live

Overland Expo West is currently going on in Arizona. If you have a chance to get to the show this weekend, I highly recommend it. Last month, I attended The MOORE Expo in Springfield, Missouri. While we're not an overlanding magazine, nor will we ever be, there are many new teardrops and squaredrop trailers that can get you further into the backcountry. This seems to be becoming the norm. You can still have that a classic teardrop shape but have a different axle or a few inches of lift and it will allow you to go where other small travel trailers can't.

This issue has an article on the 5 key takeaways from The MOORE Expo as it relates to teardrop trailers. Also included is a product review of the Tembo Tusk skottle, and a recipe that's easily made on the skottle.

We've highlighted a relatively newer teardrop manufacturing company, Second Wind Trailers starting on page 29. Nathan builds custom trailers and the trailer is catered to the customer 100%!

With gas prices soaring around the world, is it time to think about switching to an electric tow vehicle? This is Part 1 of this series. If you, or someone you know, tows with an EV and they are willing to answer a handful of questions for either our July/August or September/October issue, please reach out to me directly at

Happy travels and stay safe!


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