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Last issue of 2022 is released!

It's here, the final issue of 2022! This year has flown by, is it really November already?

This issue includes our annual gift giving guide to give you some ideas that your camper will enjoy. It also includes ideas on where to camp over the holidays around the country, a tasty recipe to help you get rid of some of your leftovers from Thanksgiving, a unique home build camper in the shape of Snoopy's doghouse, plus how to keep camp sites clean.

I want to personally thank Steve Owen for his information that he provided to us on his unique home build squaredrop that is in the shape of Snoopy's doghouse, at his wife's request. Not only did Steve provide us with a ton of information, but he also jumped through some hoops late yesterday to get us some additional pictures that we wanted to use.

Remember that the 2023 Cool Tears and Tiny Campers wall calendar is now available. The first shipment went out today! So if you've already placed your order (or you were a winner), your calendars are on the way!

We'd appreciate that if you do any shopping on Amazon this year for the holidays, to please use a link shared in our gift giving guide to get you to Amazon. We will earn a small commission on anything that you buy within the next 24 hours of you clicking on the link, even if you don't purchase one of the items that we've highlighted. This helps to defray our costs of publishing this free magazine for you to enjoy. We are not affiliates with all of the companies that we provide links to, we just want you to be able to access the information quicker, with less typing.


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