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Is the MoonShade awning the best option for a teardrop camper?

We've been using the MoonShade awning by MoonFab for nearly one year now and it's time to spread the word on the pros and cons of this portable awning.

Use this link to head over to YouTube to see the top four things we love about the MoonShade as well as the few things that we think could be improved.

The November/December 2022 issue will be released next week and it will include our 3rd annual gift and gear guide. Spoiler alert: The MoonShade has made the cut for this years list.

If you'd like to purchase your own MoonShade, use coupon code "cooltears" to get $30 off.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won't miss our next review of the MoonWall that is designed to be used with the MoonShade. We will also be posting a video in the Will it Skottle?! series in the near future. We've had a UK reader/subscriber challenge us to make Yorkshire Pudding! This is something that I've never made or eaten before, but we're doing our research on YouTube to get some tips!


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