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I am no expert on the night skies, but I do know that December is a great time to look for meteors streaking across the sky. While the Persied Meteor shower is more well known in the Northern Hemisphere since it peaks during our warm summer month of August, the Geminids can provide quite the show.

The Geminids are active until about December 20th, with the peak expected now. If you have a clear view of the entire sky, away from the city lights, head outside from about 10PM to 4AM to view up to 160 meteors per hour.

Here is an article from the New York Times that gives the details. Geminids Meteor Shower 2020: Watch It Peak in Night Skies

If it's cold and clear where you live, warm up that tiny camper and look through your skylight or look through your windows!

If you head out to view them, share a picture with our community on our Facebook Page or use #cooltears on Instagram so we'll see your photos.

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