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  • Sarah Tucker

How to Aide in Hurricane Harvey Relief

Texas is a land many hold near and dear when it comes to camping memories and we have hundreds of Cool Tears readers in that great state. So when news of Harvey began to hit the wires, I immediately began searching for ways we, as a camping community, can help those in need in the Deep South.

While many organizations will pop up to help, I am always hesitant to make recommendations for fear of those who might be in it for their own gain. And so I have came down to 2 different sources that would be great for campers to involve themselves with.


The RV Disaster Corps is a wonderful organization that helps mobilize trained volunteers who own an RV to respond during times of disaster. In other words - you AND your camper can be of help! This group is helping to fill the gap where federal aid lacks and because they are based in Texas they have first hand knowledge of the needs in and around the Houston area. With simple online training you can provide essential roles to a community affected by disaster.