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  • Sarah Tucker

Social Media + Cool Tears

Oh the joys of life in these days of social media! I have often said that I was born in the right time in history simply because of my love of technology. And while I certainly am not an expert in the IT world, I do enjoy staying up to date on gadgets and software. I have been and will remain an Apple fan. In college (I have a graphic design degree) we were taught only on Macs and that tutelage has remained firm in my mind.

But I got off topic here...over the past year I have kept my focus on the actual magazine and all the components that make it up. But as I look to the future of Cool Tears and set goals for growth it was apparent I needed to boost our social media footprint so to speak.

And so Cool Tears has now launched into several parts of social media and will continue to grow each entity in the coming months.

Our Facebook page has existed for several years, but just recently we have begun a new tradition of FREEBIE FRIDAYS!!! Yes, that's right, every Friday we do giveaways for FREE camping swag from the Cool Tears store. In fact, this past week we gave away almost 100 free vehicle decals to anyone who wanted one! So, if you haven't yet be sure to like us today and check out tomorrow's giveaway!


Instagram has been so fun to grow over the last couple of weeks. We have gained many new followers and truly enjoy jumping on everyday to see new pics from manufacturers, home builders and just campers in general.


Just yesterday we launched our new Cool Tears You Tube channel. This is something I have meant to accomplish for a while now as we plan to publish lots of new videos in the coming week and months.

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting the owners of a 1947 Tourette Teardrop and the guys restoring it. We did a little filming of the history of the camper and what has gone into the restoration project.


We are new to the Pinterest world with Cool Tears but personally I have TONS of pins saved and in the coming days I will add them to our Pinterest page so stay tuned!


Once again, and most importantly, I am truly thankful to each one of our advertisers and subscribers for their continued support of this endeavor. It is a fun adventure to be on with each and every one of you!

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