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  • Sarah Tucker

Women in Tears

Paronomasia is all around us these days and wouldn't you know it...I figured out how to use it with teardrops! :)

Just the mere thought of camping has been enough to send countless women to tears over the ages. They begin picturing sleeping bags, eating sardines from cans and the panic sets in, But I'm fairly certain it's the two "B's" that send them over the know...BUGS and BATHROOMS! And in the spirit of honesty, I did not grow up camping and when my husband approached the subject with me, although no tears fell, a certain degree of disdain was shown. With age and experience comes many things, in my case that included a love for all things camping (well I don't LOVE bugs and some campground bathrooms do still scare me a bit!)

It's been a pleasure to read of numerous ladies who are thriving in the teardrop industry. From full-timers, to retirees, to first-timers we have so many of the fairer sex getting out and truly enjoying the camping experience in teardrop or tiny campers. The surge of the "glamping" idea has certainly helped as women are learning to spruce up their camper and get out of town with friends. In the next issue of Cool Tears, we will feature a few of these ladies that we highlight today.

Valerie + Jessi are a couple of gals on the adventure of their life. They have an amazing blog that is both easy to read and fun all at the same time. They have been living in a teardrop for 5 months with plans to live full time for many years. They are currently camping with two pups around the USA with plans to go to Mexico, South America and Europe with their teardrop. They have tips on recipes, places to camp and general how-to articles. Check them out and be sure to subscribe to have their updates sent directly to your inbox. I particularly enjoyed the article "5 Ways Living Tiny Teaches Happiness." Happy Camper Wives!


Jaclyn Heyen has been on the road since October 2012. She travels with her dog named Yoska. Living simply with her motorcycle (named Blue) pulling her teardrop trailer home (named TicTac). Jaclyn is a Multi-Media Artist recovering from depression, self-injury and an eating disorder. She decided to live the life she thought she could only dream about. She has been all over the US and has met many amazing people along the way. Learning each day a little more about herself, her dreams and pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. Letting life lead.

Follow her discoveries, adventures, learning how to be more self sustaining with a smaller ecological footprint and traveling cheaply. Learn all about Jackie & Yoska here!

Jackie and her dog Yoska are traveling the country on a Harley pulling a teardrop lovingly named TicTac. Simply Living to find Freedom Within is the motto she lives by daily. She's put

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