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The Teardrop Trailer Magazine - Cool Tears and Tiny Campers.

Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine is a
bi-monthly publication that is delivered primarily in digital format but is available in print as well. It is dedicated to those cool little camper trailers known as teardrops and the people who love them.
Although our focus is on teardrop trailers we also cover other small and ultra-lightweight trailers from time to time. We want to include a variety of trailers that allow us to do more traveling by saving us money on vehicles and fuel. More than just saving money it's also about having a lot of fun camping in style with those unique eye catching teardrop campers.
One goal of this teardrop trailer magazine is to break down the vast amounts of information into a few interesting stories presented in a familiar graphic magazine format. We want to provide another way to draw attention to  and tell the stories of these unique camping trailers and the friendly people who love them.
Of course we also want Cool Tears Magazine and this web site to provide content that you may not find anywhere else. There are numerous quality manufacturers, custom builders, and do-it-yourselfers that we would like to highlight along with a variety of other subjects like parts suppliers and the many teardrop gatherings held throughout the country and abroad.
We hope you enjoy the Magazine and the web site.

NOTE: This is not an online only or web-based only magazine. It is an electronically delivered magazine. Each issue will be delivered directly to your email box. From there you can read it in an electronic magazine format with turning pages, download it and read it as a PDF, print it out, or you can order a standard printed and bound version similar to what you would find on your local news stand.