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  • Sarah Tucker

The Lizzie Borden Scotty

Perhaps the best part of teardrop gatherings is the friendships that are built. This past August, I traveled to Indiana for the Crossroads of America gathering held every other year. CRA is a by-product of the Tearjerkers organization and is able to pull teardrop and tiny camper fans from all over the country. It was my first huge gathering and even though it was hotter-than-blue-blazes, I really did have the time of my life!

The week before the gathering I received a tip from someone about a site that had just opened up in the main loop which would allow me to be closer to the action and easier to walk around and see trailers/meet folks. The awesome camper with the tip turned out to be Kenny T. (aka Mac Murphy) from the Liberty Bell chapter of the Tearjerkers. Kenny is the proud owner of a 1962 13’ Serro Scotty.

I made a point to visit his trailer because he told me his trailer had a story unlike any other. He didn’t disappoint! In his own words here is the story of the Scotty named Lizzie Borden.

“I purchased her in the summer of 2014 from the original owner’s grandson. His grandfather passed in 1988 and gave it to his two sons. The grandson said his uncle was in the camper one day in the midst of a “disagreement” with his ex-wife. I don't know if she was still the wife or already the ex when this particular incident happened. She wanted him to come out of the camper but he wouldn't come out. She then proceeded to pick up an axe and struck the door with it…not once but TWICE!“

Kenny made the purchase and towed his new-found treasure home. In the years since he bought it, Kenny had had it professionally rebuilt. However, he instructed the carpenter to keep axe marks if at all possible. The marks have been waterproofed and still grace the front of the Scotty door. Kenny gets lots of comments on the door and has had a lot of fun with the story. In fact, he had a Lizzie Borden t-shirt made just for CRA.